First blog post

First blog post

This is my very first post on this blog.  I started this in another form last week but I didn’t like that it was linked to friends that could be reading it.  I am writing on here for my own benefit as I journey through my recovery from addiction and some pretty astounding character defects.

First a little about myself.  My name is Brendan L and I am in recovery from addiction to alcohol and sleep aids.  I suffer from pretty high anxiety and co-dependency.  I am a married 41-year-old with no kids and I have a pretty good career doing IT for a government agency.  About 10 months ago I entered a treatment facility in Toronto to help me get control back in my life.  I learned a lot of things about myself there.  I learned that I have a tendency to be a people pleaser and that I am a codependent.  I learned that a 12-step program is the best thing that I have ever entered to save my life (in more ways than one).  I have been sober for almost 10 months at this point.  I have a home group and a sponsor and I am active in my home group.  I have been spending most of my time in recovery doing recovery things.  I do a lot of reading and go to a lot of meetings.  I guess that’s enough of an intro without getting too much into my childhood and or the past.  Maybe I will expand on that later.

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