Day to day

My day to day routine is very important to me.  I have been travelling the last couple of weekends and it’s really thrown me out of balance.  As part of my recovery, I have been trying to live a much more active and healthy lifestyle.  I joined a gym and I go there twice a day if I can.  I get up at 06:00 and shave and get stuff ready for my day.  Then I try to get to work as early as I can.  I leave for the gym at 11:30 and then head back and work through lunch.  I go back and do extra cardio work at 16:00 and then home to clean up and figure out my evening.  On days when I accomplish this I feel really good.  Sore! But good.

Like I said, I’ve been away for a couple of weekends and it’s made me off balance.  And in my recovery, balance is everything.

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