My friend Dave

When I went to the treatment centre last summer my roommate was a guy named Dave.  Dave is a very interesting character, he has many stories and some of them are quite shocking.  He went out as soon as he left Renascent last summer.  That made me pretty sad because he told me that if he started using again that I’d never hear from him.  He said he’d probably be dead if that happened.  Well, it did happen and I am happy to report that he is NOT dead.    He is back in the treatment centre and seems to be doing ok.  He got my number and has remained in contact prior to going back.  Last night he called me again, which was odd because you aren’t supposed to be in possession of a cell phone or any other electronics/communication devices.  I asked him how he managed to keep his cell phone.  To which he responded, “Brendan, you do realise that I am a professional thief right?”  That sort of sums up Dave right there.  He has had a very rough go of things but he can certainly entertain a room.  He is usually the most colourful character in any group.  He has never seemed like a dangerous person to me, always had his heart on his sleeve, but occasionally he lets slip a story that eludes to a much darker side of his personality.  He has served a tidy sum of time in jail.  I remember reading that book A Million Little Pieces and how the guy had a friend in there with him that appeared to be a bit of a gangster, well that’s Dave for me.  I wish I could hear his entire story, and I would love for him to be able to write it all down.  That would make for a good book.


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