monthly open meeting

So today is my home group’s monthly open/birthday meeting.  I was tasked to be the speaker seeker and at first I was a little nervous about this as it was really short notice.  I go to a group on Saturday nights called Keep it Simple and I have always enjoyed the wisdom shared in this group.  In fact it’s one of the 3 groups that I considered to be my home group.  I asked one of the members named Scott to come and speak and he was happy to come out.  Pheww crisis averted because I think my group would have asked me to get up and do it if I couldn’t find one.  I think I might end up chairing the meeting tonight too.  Which is ok, but I am supposed to chair on Friday as well so as long as that is not an issue then that will be ok.  I guess I will need to go early again and setup, I also need to swing by the store and pick up our group cake.  My friend Taylor might be coming tonight too, which is really cool.  She is a member of the Al-Anon fellowship and I had a hand in planting the seed and encouraging her to go.  I’m very happy to see her enjoying it and getting something out of the rooms.

And here I am trying to decide what to do about setting up for the meeting.  I am curious if Vic will show up even earlier than normal.  I have been tasked with getting the cake for the group and potentially chairing the meeting .  No small order, in fact I almost think maybe I am doing too much right now.  I have  alot of my own recovery work to do but I know that being of service to the program is an important part of my program.  At least that’s what I am told.  And it looks like Taylor will be coming for sure, I have received messages from people and no phone call from the speaker, so I am going to assume no news is good news.

I’ll post this up for now, and maybe I will update later today.  Perhaps tomorrow, I guess I should wait and see how tonight goes as it could be along evening.  I will need to be part of the clean up crew after the meeting.


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