Morning routine

I’ve been told that prayer and meditation are important to recovery.  I’ve also heard that praying is asking the question and meditation is listening for the answer.  Apparently my answer this morning was “MEOOOOOW”.  My cat Max just had to be a part of my morning routine today.  I have this routine that I have been trying to perfect which involves a fairly complex shaving ritual, which if I am not careful results in bleeding from a few lacerations to the face and neck.  Then I have been going into our quiet room and praying and meditating.  I guess I need to modify this slightly and get dressed before I do this step.  Max decided to jump on my chest as I was slightly reclined and as he clumsily slipped off of me he dug his back claws into the meaty part of my left arm pit.  Not sure what that answer is supposed to mean, but I hope it’s better than pain I felt when putting on some deodorant.


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