emotional sobriety

I am reading a book about this subject and it’s an interesting look into the chemistry of the brain and my psychology.  At times reading about this is hard because I don’t know much about the biology but I certainly relate the discussions of the physical effects of my emotions on my body.  I have suffered from anxiety for a long long time.  I believe that it’s been since I was a child, given that I am an ACOA and have many memories about this topic.  I recall always needing some sort of item to hug or hold while trying to fall asleep.  This used to be in the form of a stuffed Poppa Smurf and then a stuffed lion.  Later on it became just a pillow or some bundled up blankets.  My anxiety has always manifested itself in a manner that prevents me from functioning throughout the day.  I can’t eat or sleep usually, and the lack of sleep stresses me out even further.  This is a terrible cycle and I now know that it’s in the lymbic system and that it’s based on my fears.  This is one of those base instinct type emotions that we are all born with, but I apparently have no ability to regulate this emotion.  My fight or flight reaction is set on stun and I usually freeze up instead of react.  Great, perfect, awesome, now that’s cleared up…..how does it help me?

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