I am at home for the majority of today because our water heater has broken.  I’m having a major remember when moment as I wait for the technician to show up to do his thing.  I would have used this opportunity to stock up on booze and got good and wrecked for the afternoon.  I probably would have called the taxi company by now to stock up on my second bottle.  I recall many times standing out front of my house waiting for the taxi to show up with my brown bag full of hooch that I would take down to the basement to slowly drink myself into oblivion.  I would often pace the house impatiently waiting for that delivery, then pace between the main floor of the house and the front porch.  My word I can’t believe the insanity of that behaviour.  And yet, I didn’t believe that I really had a problem.

I used to love days like this, where I could be away from the office and drinking unhindered, but now I feel so unproductive.  I don’t know what to do with myself.  I am trying to watch tv like normal rational people do.  It’s weird.


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