laid up

I’m laid up now with a broken foot.  I have this stupid cast on my leg for the next 6 weeks, (at least).  I am really struggling with this situation as it’s really cramping my style.  For the last few months I have been really active and busy.  I’ve been enjoying my current lifestyle and how much I’ve been able to accomplish.  I can’t believe I’m able to drive, sort of, with my left foot and I can get out if I need to.  But it’s very tiring.  It feels like everything takes twice as much energy to accomplish the same small task.  Very frustrating.  I’ve been sorely lacking in my recovery efforts the last few days.  I know that this has been laziness and nothing else.  I am living in the self pity world feeling like I have a right to do nothing.  I know that I need to shake out of this and very fast because the isolation isn’t good for me.  I have been getting out at least once a day and that feels good, so I am not in pure isolation and it’s not by choice.  I recognise now that I don’t enjoy it any more.  I would rather be out seeing people or talking with people.

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