man cold

Good grief, I have the worst man cold right now.  This is on top of the broken foot.  I figured I was being shown that I need to slow down a bit when I was put into a cast for 6 weeks.  Apparently I did not listen well enough, now I am sick.  I know I know, it’s just a “cold” but some people don’t understand how serious a man cold can be.  It’s pretty much guaranteed death unless sleep and Alka-Seltzer cold and cough are administered super fast.  It used to be that when I was sick I had an awesome excuse to get some booze and stay at home to medicate the problem.  I would purchase my usual stuff and then add some Jagr and Alpenbitter.  Because you know, those aren’t really booze, they are “medicinal”.  I got very good at espousing the physical benefits of these liquors.  I probably sounded like one of those people who talk about how the consumption of red wine is good for the heart.  (which it very well could be in moderation, of course I never really did that in moderation….if one glass is good for my heart, imagine how healthy it will be after a whole bottle).  In all seriousness this cold has got me feeling pretty lousy, the best way I could describe it is I feel hungover.  I HATE this feeling, I wasn’t a fan when I was drinking and I used to drink more to make that feeling go away.  Now I just have to be patient and get rest and pray that this goes away in short order.  I am strongly disliking this remember when moment, it’s probably good to be reminded of how this feels every once in a while.

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