Last night I relapsed hard, not with alcohol (pheww).  By definition relapse is falling into old illness after a period of recovery.  I am a person that suffers from a co-dependence.  Last night I came home and my wife seemed to be upset/angry about something.  Not that she would admit, she said she was just tired after a long day.  But I immediately fell into that pattern of “It’s my fault, what did I do wrong this time, how am I going to fix this?”  It’s insanity to believe that I am the cause of all of her sour moods.  I of course am responsible for “some” of her anger and frustration but there is nothing I can do to control this.  While I realize that I was in “relapse” from this type of recovery, at least i was able to recognize that and adjust my frame of mind.  I have tools now that I never used to have.

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