birthday celebration

As I understand it, the birthday on the 28th that I will be celebrating with Pat and Dianne will be quite a big deal.  We will probably have over a hundred people there.  I am a little bit nervous about it.  It’s funny because a lot of the people in the rooms that I am friends with have been calling it an “eating meeting”.  I guess I am going to have to make a bunch of food for this thing.  Pat says she is bringing a few trays of food, I am going to make a batch of pulled pork I guess.  I will have to get the stuff ready on Sunday and put the pork in the slow cooker on Monday morning.  Super crazy that I will have so much support and people there to wish me well.  I guess more to follow on this subject as I get closer to the actual day.  I will probable get more and more anxious about it as the week progresses.


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