Last night I went to a beginners group meeting in Barrie.  I have been going to this group for over a year now, it was one of the ones that I discovered and enjoy after my stay at Renascent as it’s a small group and it’s all about the new comer.  There was a guy in attendance who I have met a few times in the rooms there and he was coming in after getting released from the hospital only a few hours prior.  He shared that he woke up in the hospital shackled to the bed.  He had been drinking and in a black out for many days.  He told us that he doesn’t remember getting there and he doesn’t remember a lot of what went on in his most recent nightmare.  What a sobering experience, this guy had just celebrated his 6 year mark and he seemed to be deeply involved in the program.  This is very shocking and sad to hear, but I am so glad that he came back and shared his story.  If nothing else it’s a great lesson for those of us that have been in for a little while and feel like we have the program under control.  No one can turn their back on this disease.  No one can let up on working their program.  It’s deadly serious!

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