I think I am going to try to tell some of my stories on here, maybe just as they pop into my head.  I was thinking about the first time I ever heard of anyone trying to buy drugs.  Not Tylenol from the drugstore, I mean drugs from a drug dealer.  I have this friend named Jeff, we’ve been buddies since early on in high school.  He used to live about a block away from me.  Now Jeff is the type of guy in high school that you should learn all your lessons from, lessons about how not to be a fuck up.

So Jeff went to Jamaica with his parents over Christmas one year.  While on vacation he got the idea to try smoking weed.  He came back and was talking about how much he loved it and how he wanted to get more.  Now maybe in Jamaica there are weed dealers on every corner, but this is the Ottawa Valley and it’s not like it’s easy to find there.  So Jeff finds out about this guy in our town who has a pretty rough reputation.  We hear rumors about how he’s connected to various crimes and how he’s been involved in a lot of dust ups.  You know basically a boy scout type that you really want to get to know better……  Anyway, Jeff gets in touch with this guy and asks if he can sell him some weed, or if he knows of anyone that could do that.  This dude agrees to meet Jeff to sell him a bag of dope and Jeff asks me to tag along as “back-up”.  I said sure, I had no real idea what to expect but I was usually willing to do pretty much anything Jeff suggested.  So we roll down to the main part of town to meet this guy and he shows up at the Beckers as Jeff and I are enjoying our coke slush’s.  He asks Jeff if he has the cash and Jeff confirms that he does.  He asks us to follow him and proceeds to walk down the sidewalk with us in tow.  We get about a block away, my heart is beating out of my chest, Jeff is looking very nervous.  This guy stops, turns towards us and asks for the money.  Jeff hands over a small fortune, at least to us, and is trying to be discreet about it.  Once the guy has the cash, he turns and starts walking away without saying a word.  Jeff yells after him, “hey what is going on?”  Now, this guy is huge to us.  In my memory he is a big biker looking guy (except in teenager form).  He has a bad reputation and is known to be a scrapper.  My heart sinks as I think “Uh oh, this is going very badly.”  This big teenage biker guy turns around and steps up to Jeff and says, “I don’t know you, you don’t know me, and I am not a fucking drug dealer!”  Boom, that’s it.  No weed, no money, our slushies are gone….

Jeff was pretty pissed about this and began to formulate all sorts of revenge plans.  Thankfully, he was more talk than action when it came to violence.  The guy could steal a car or break into a house, but kicking someone’s ass wasn’t high on his list of priorities.

Drugs are bad



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