A very good friend of mine had an unfortunate encounter with a door yesterday.  And not in the way that some people have “walked into a door”, she actually wracked her face off the door.  This reminded me of a time when I was younger and walked straight through a screen door at a friends house.  When I was in high school I was very into playing guitar and it consumed the majority of my time.  My friend Lydia asked me to help her buy a guitar and to teach her a little bit of “guitaring”.  So I went with her to the music store (guitarery?) and we picked out a small reasonable guitar and we went back to her place.  She lived in a really nice house in Pembroke and they had a small library/study in the back part of the house.  We were back there working on her guitar skills and the time came where I wanted to step out to have a cigarette.  Now, I was pretty attracted to this girl.  She is beautiful, and smart and funny and we were getting along great.  Of course, I thought this was my way to impress her.  Hang out and be the cool musician guy that helps her with learning to play.  She’ll love that, she’ll think I’m the coolest.  The smoking was part of the “cool guy” image, I know how ridiculous.  I excused myself to go outside and have said cigarette, and she says “Just go out the door here in the study.”  I look outside and it’s gotten fairly dark out.  I can see into the back yard and they have a little patio back there.  OK, cool, I turn and proceed towards the open back door…….WHAM!  Right into the closed screen door.  My face slams full force into the screen, my body follows close behind and the screens essentially folds in half and collapses out of the frame onto their lovely patio.

Yep, Mr cool guy punk rocker musician, door wrecker.

I turn and look at Lydia and she has collapsed onto the floor laughing.  Thankfully her family are absolutely lovely and gracious.  They were more concerned that I was alright and once that was established we all had a good laugh.

C’est la vie

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