drugs 2

The second time I was involved in a drug deal it was supposed to be for myself.  I had this friend in school that used to sell stuff on the side.  He worked at a fancy men’s clothing shop downtown in Pembroke.  They sold suits and rented tuxes and Chris used to sell drugs out of there as well.  He wasn’t the most prolific drug dealer, but he was busy enough.  A buddy of mine and I decided to buy a small amount of hash, hash was much easier to get in the Valley compared to weed.  So I talked to Chris and he told me it would be no problem, just get him twenty bucks and he would sort us out.  Adrian and I gathered our money and we cam up with the twenty bucks and headed down to the store to meet Chris.  We get there and go into this store and we stand out like a sore thumb.  I’m a punk guy with ripped jeans, a beard, black doc martens and I clearly don’t look like I am there to rent a tux.  Not many tuxes get worn to a punk show.  Anyway, I see Chris behind the front desk and go over to him.  He says to us that “sure I can break a twenty!” and he takes my money.  Then he hands me a toonie.  I look at the toonie and it’s got a blob of hash stuck to it.  Chris looks at us and says have a nice evening.  Sweet!  Drug deal completed!

We rush out of the store and head to our friends car that is waiting for us out on the street.  Now it’s summer in the Valley and that means it’s hot and muggy so we figure why not head down to one of the local beaches on the Ottawa river.  The hash can get smoked either at the beach or when we get home.  So the three of us head to the beach and jump in the water.  It’s a fantastic feeling washing the sweat and heat away.  After a few minutes I get out of the river and up onto the beach.  Here is the fuck up.  I suddenly realize that I have forgotten to take the special toonie out of my pocket and now I am scrambling checking my pocket to see if it’s still in there.  I can’t find it anywhere.  We jump back into the water to see if we can find it.  The driver turns his car to face the beach and puts the lights and high beams on, Adrian and I are crawling up and down the beach looking for this fucking toonie.  After about 20 minutes, we are all laughing our asses off at the ridiculousness of this situation.  Eventually the search is called off and we head back into town to get some coffee.  I’m just not cut out to be a drug guy…….

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