I’ve done it again dammit.  I’ve let someone else’s mood and emotions affect my day.  I have no control over people places and things.  But I can control how I react to things.  This is said to me over and over and over….how has it not sunk in yet?  Mare has been in a bad mood all day and I could not figure out why.  I point out to her that she seems to be moody and she confirms it and then just leaves the house with out saying one word to me.  She takes off for the gym, which is fine but how come I don’t even get to hear a “see you soon” or a “bye, be back in a bit”.  Nothing, not a fucking peep.  How is a person supposed to react to this type of situation?  I can’t get my head around it.  She eventually told me that she is upset because it is Easter and she isn’t speaking to her family.  Well what pisses me off is that it’s HER choice not to speak to her family.  She could call her Dad, or her Sister and have a conversation very easily.  But she won’t, they don’t even know that she isn’t talking to them.  This is a one sided, self imposed situation.  And I’m the one that has the problems?  Of course I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and asked her why she couldn’t just tell me that or just call her Dad.  She told me that she hates to talk about her feelings.  Which I know, and I empathize with but I also know that nothing changes if nothing is done.  You can’t expect the world to know what is going on in your head.  You can’t be pissed off with someone and just expect things to change if they never know that there is a problem.  I feel like I’ve heard this before…..

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