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In my step work I am forced to explore a lot of my character defects.  I have done a thorough inventory of my self and put pen to paper.  I have yet to sit down and share this with anyone.  Which is the next step.  I will let my higher power decide when the time is right for this to happen.  So far what I’ve discovered is that most of my life and behavior has been run by FEAR.  I suffer from a fear of abandonment, anxiety, people pleasing and self contentedness.  I don’t know that I need to know where it all came from, but I do know that I need acknowledge it.  I need to look at each defect and understand how it affects me.  How I can learn to cope with them and not allow them to control my thinking and my actions.  It’s a daily struggle if my recovery is to remain strong then I need to consistently work on this.

One thought on “explore

  1. Wow! Congrats! This is a huge step.
    Try not to sit on it too long… I go to the woods or a stream and talk to nature about my written defects and blunders when I can’t talk to someone about it right away.
    Blessed be! ❤


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