I am really enjoying this blog lately.  I have been putting words on here in some sort of order and it feels good to get them off of my mind.  I got the idea to start writing here from a woman named Natalie H, she is a member of my fellowship and has written a blog for a long time.  She also eventually had her blog turned into a book.  I have no illusion that I would ever get into a book.  I did not start this for that purpose.  It’s merely for me to get some of the shit in my head out.  To put them in an order that makes sense to me.

I ran into Nat at a meeting on the weekend and I mentioned to her that I was inspired by her to write a blog.  She was very gracious about it.  (She is a SUPER nice woman, very friendly and smart, and I have always enjoyed chatting with her)  She told me that if I was writing I should submit a story to her publisher so that they could review it as they are working on a book of stories from people in the area.  The stories are to be about mental health, addiction and changes in perspective.  She said that if I submit something it will for sure get read by her and her editor and the publisher.  HOLY FUCK!

I was super stoked about the idea at first.  Now as I am actually trying to get started on it the task seems daunting.  I realize that the likelihood that mine would get picked to be part of this project is slim at best.  But it’s someone reading something I put down on paper.  That’s never easy.  I wasn’t good at in school, I’m not good at it now.  But who knows.  I am committed to giving it my best shot.  We’ll just have to see what God has in store for me in relation to this.

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