Today is one of those days where I felt awkward and clumsy and less than normal.  I just was not feeling like myself.  My body has been in pain all week from something I did in the gym and I am kind of miserable from it.  I feel like every time I try to do something I just mess it up.  This extends into my interactions with people all day.  I struggle with people have the insatiable need to be correct all the time.  I work with someone like that I sort of snapped at him today about something he was going on about.  He may not have been wrong in this instance, but just because he was right doesn’t mean that anything is going to change.  The thing he was raging about was not something within any of our powers to change.  We have no control over this, and there is no point in bringing it up to management as I already know there answer because I sat in a meeting with them and heard their answer.  I tried to explain this to him, that he was wasting his effort and stressing about something that he needn’t.  But this was not what he wanted to hear.  He went on and on about how management was wrong.  That the people that inspected this thing in question were wrong.  Everyone was wrong but him.  Why do I let this get to me.  I’m still working on this lesson about people, places and things.  All of which I have no control over.

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