As I am learning more and more about myself I am discovering things that I either forgot that I enjoyed or just had no time for them.  A big one is music, perhaps the biggest.  Music used to be the only thing I cared about.  I loved discovering new bands and reading about them in obscure punk rock fanzines that my Dad used to bring home for me.  He worked in Ottawa and would frequent this news shop near where he would stay during the week.  I was the only one in the Valley that had frequent access to these magazines and I would scour them for new bands that I could keep my eye to locate their CDs.  Today I do the same thing with the internet, and in record shops.  I am in love with Google Play music, I can plug a band into the search engine and start listening to them and all sorts of bands that are similar.  This is amazing!  If I had this as a kid I wouldn’t have left the house EVER

I also forgot about how I loved comics as a kid.  I remember when I was young I spent a long time in the hospital with some kind of sickness in my stomach.  I was so sick I couldn’t eat or drink for weeks.  I was on an IV for fluids for so long that I thought the pole with wheels that held the fluid that was keeping me alive was going to be only friend for the rest of my life.  My mother brought me a bunch of comics, everything to from Howard the Duck to Archie and some Mad magazines.  I read this stuff probably twenty times over.  When I was drinking I used to think about going to get some graphic novels to read, but of course never did.  I have since been frequenting the comic book store and I have been enjoying picking through the comic book racks.  It’s one of those places that I feel like a certain sort of outsider hangs out in.  It’s a place without judgement and everyone is super friendly.  Just my kind of place, something right on the fringe of cool.  My comfort zone.

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