Well shit.  This long weekend has started off poorly.  We’ve had this family of rabbits that have taken residence in the back yard.  They’ve been all over the yard, both front and back actually.  I located their nest not too long ago, as it was apparent that they adult rabbits were back there for a reason.  I have been staying away and not using the lawnmower to try to prevent scaring or injuring the little baby rabbits, they are so adorable.  Well, this morning I looked around the nest and the little bunnies have fled the scene.  So I figured tonight was the night that I could get the lawns done.  I double checked the spot and made sure that they were not present.  Then I went into the shed to retrieve the mower.  This is where things took a turn.  I pulled open the door and dragged the mower out of the shed and this little baby rabbit came flopping out of the shed.  It somehow got in there and then as I was dragging everything out it got crushed in between the mower and the door and the ground.  The poor little guy suffered some sort of catastrophic head injury.  I watched this beautiful little creature shake and twitch and try to get up over and over.  I tried to leave it alone a little bit and see if it would be able to sort itself out.  I ran into the house and got some cold water, hoping that maybe the little guy was just dehydrated.  But it didn’t seem to help.  I tried to prop it up, and get it breath, I helped him move his little paws and tried to get it to stay awake.  All to no avail, the poor injured bunny didn’t make it.  I sat there for a while watching this beautiful and perfect creature while feeling absolutely crushed that this happened.  Many thoughts came rushing through my mind, if I had only been more careful.  If I had only waited a day or two to do the lawns.  If I had only been more careful……

I do realize that this was beyond my control.  That there is nothing that I can change about this, but it still makes me sad.  I will attempt to be more careful in the future.

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