burgers with bill

Tomorrow is a big day, I am responsible for a a sober bbq that is going to be happening down on the water front in Barrie.  I have invited a bunch of people from the rooms and even some friends from my treatment center.  I did the same thing last year and it was beautiful.  We should be getting some beautiful weather and hopefully we get a nice turn out.  I do my best not to complicate things with this event.  I tend to over think things and it gets in my way when it comes to keeping things simple.  People always want to know what to bring to these things and I have a hard time asking people to bring anything.  I feel guilty, as if it’s my job to bring everything because it’s my idea and I’m organizing it.  But I need to get out of the way and realize that people want to come and people want to bring things to help contribute to the day.  I am really looking forward to it though.  I hope some of my friends show up.

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