training recovery

Holy crap I am still tired from that run yesterday.  I have spent the day doing very little.  I went to yoga at the gym and it was great.  I felt a little better after that, but still pretty tired.  I had a nice breakfast and went to the Sunday morning meeting in Barrie.  It was really good and the speaker talked about how he went to the same treatment facility as I did.  Pretty cool.  But this afternoon I have been trying to do laundry and get organized for our trip.  Mare still isn’t home from her girls weekend and I am a bit annoyed as I have no idea what to bring for this trip.  I have been doing laundry and stuff and it would have been nice to have her around for some of this shit. She is going to be home soon and is expecting food, does that mean she expects me to fucking cook for her?  She was asking me if we were going to have McDonald’s for dinner….it’s almost 8pm and I don’t really want that crap.  I told her that we have plenty of food and I bet she thinks I am cooking something for her.  Pretty annoyed.

I need to go have a soak in some epsom salts and try to relax a bit I think.  My calves are so friggin tight it hurts to walk at times.  I should be doing more stretching as well.  I have access to all the rollers and stuff for working out all the knots in my legs.  Better get working on those every day actually.

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