date night

Last night was the first night that I have planned a date night for this new round of counselling with Mare.  I had hoped to go to a fondue place called fundoozies.  However we got there and it was closed, thus ruining the surprise and forcing me to come up with a plan B on the spot to get food.  We went to Made in Mexico (which is my absolute favourite) and it was lovely.  I had a list of prepared questions which I went through, sort of like first date type questions.  These are supposed to help us reconnect with each other by showing an interest in each other and the answers.  I guess?  I had some pretty good ones and I stuck to only a few, Mary Anne went crazy with the questions when we did her date night.  She had like 12 questions, and some of them seemed to be kind of deep.

The questions went OK, two things that stuck out to me were that when I asked the dinner party question, which is (If you had a dinner party and had to invite a musician, a famous couple, a politician, and a family member who would it be?) we had a few that were similar and that was pretty neat.  The other one that I found interesting was when I asked who was her all time best friend?  She said that I was, but I insisted that it had to be someone else.  She had a really hard time answering.  She couldn’t give really give me an answer and that seems weird.  I think that she has a hard time reaching out to people, that when friends seem to drift off she won’t reach out.  Her friend Misty has been super close to her in recent years but lately they have been very busy.  Mare has a habit of just “firing” friends.  She actually says that it feels good to fire friends and I think that is weird.  Just because you don’t connect with someone all the time doesn’t mean you aren’t friends, just that you have to work a little harder to stay in each others lives.  I know that I am guilty of this as well, but it’s weird to see it from the outside.


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