My brain is such a mystery to me sometimes.  I had a pretty decent day yesterday.  I have been having a hard time with sleep the last couple of nights, but other than that nothing that throws up any flags for me.  I had a really good run on the treadmill at the gym, and was looking forward to hanging out for a bit and while getting cleaned up in the shower I glanced over at the mirror.  Well for some reason my mind flipped into a torrent of all kinds of negative self talk.  I started to feel terrible about myself.  I feel like all the work in the gym and the dieting has been useless, that it’s all pointless.  I mean what’s the point in trying to change how I look when no one gives a shit.  It’s so hard to shake that feeling.  I know that recognizing it is important, but recognizing it and doing something about it is hard.

I managed to get more sleep last night and today I hopefully have a better outlook on things.  I don’t know how my day will unfold, but I have asked to have my thoughts, my words and my actions guided my a power greater than myself.

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