Holy fuck I am shook! I had a terrible string of dreams that I was back into drinking and hiding it from everyone. In this particular dream I was at the Men’s Meeting in Barrie and then I went down to the local LCBO to “pick up something for my wife”. While I was in the store I kept seeing friends from the rooms of AA in there. There was a strong feeling of guilt washing over me, which is normal for this guy in the few times that these dreams have happened. I remember buying the biggest bottle of vodka that I could find and trying to hide it. At some point in the dream I lost track of the 40 of vodka that I had purchased. Now the funny thing about this is that this scenario played out in real life once. I lost a bottle in the house and could not find it for the life of me. But my wife found it, and put it at the foot of the bed for me to see when I woke up. One of the things I recall in the dream that is making me pause is that my Mom was involved. She could see what was going on and was crying and upset, and this bothered me more than I thought it would. So long story short this day is not starting off on the best footing. Thank God I have a program that I can use to unload these feelings. Give it away and let my higher power take over.

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