I am feeling a little restless lately. I don’t know if it’s because I am getting over a cold and I feel rundown. Or because I was so busy at work over the last two weeks and i am feeling rundown. But it’s been a frustrating time at home. And all of this is sort of piling on and I’m not sure what I am feeling about it. Restless might best define it. My wife has been bringing up the subject of kids again. She seems to suddenly think that now is a good time to have the discussion about family. Even though she still maintains an attitude that she doesn’t trust me, that she is angry with me, and that we still don’t have a physical relationship. She tells me that she is afraid to “get hurt” again and I have no clue how to navigate this. I can’t really turn to the people that i know in recovery because not everyone has been through this. I don’t know who to begin asking these questions. How long do I endure this state of limbo in our marriage? If we are done, how do I make that separation? What’s my motivation for staying?

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