holiday season

It seems that everyone right now is on edge with the holiday season.  I know that I am not alone in having a difficult time regulating my inner monologue and emotions during this season.  But I am certainly not alone with that problem.  I am fortunate that I have a program of recovery that allows me to recognize this problem thinking and to get it out of my system before it causes me to spiral.  I have a friend right now that is on this downward spiral and it is really super frustrating to watch.  Less than one week ago she was riding on top of the great pink cloud and was very optimistic that she was starting to see some of the benefits of recovery.  She is now starting to isolate and head down the same road I have seen her go own for a while now.  She has this habit of letting something disrupt her serenity and then it starts to build and left unchecked it causes the spiral.  Once she shuts down it usually ends with her going out.   I know exactly how to help her, but the problem is that she has to want the help.  I cannot and will not go and beat anyone over the head with the recovery stick.  That does neither of us any good.

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