scary times

The world is a very scary place right now.  This Covid-19 pandemic is absolutely scary and making life very difficult.  It’s been a while since I used this as a tool in my recovery arsenal and boy have I noticed it.  All of our meeting places are shut down so there are no in person AA meetings occurring right now.  This is very scary for someone like me.  Even when I travel I make sure that I can locate meetings.  So for me to not be able to get to one when I want to, never mind when I might NEED to get there….holy SHIT!  Scary stuff.  But I feel that more than ever I need to remember that I have been given the gift of a set of tools and strategies to get me through difficult times.  I can call my sponsor, I can call friends in the program; they are always willing to talk and help if needed.  We have moved to doing some meetings online through a program/service called Zoom.  It’s really a life saver right now.  We can get up to 80 people into a meeting and have everyone share how they are doing.  It’s certainly doing the job in a pinch.

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