I used to play golf.  There was a time when I was actually half way decent at it.  I would play two or three times a week.  Of course, the best games always involved booze.  I loved tournaments because we would get some guys together and stock all of our bags up with tons of beer and assorted goodies and it would be a whole day affair.  Drinking from early morning to whenever we finally crashed.  I didn’t always drink while playing golf.  There were many times that I would just go and play as a form of fun and exercise.  Sometimes a beer was had after the round of golf, sometimes we just called it a night and went home.  Pretty normal stuff.  At one of the last tournaments that I played in it was a different story.  I pre-drank to get there, then we had a few at the course.  It was my friends son’s hockey club tournament.  They had all sorts of games and prize holes and even some free drinks.  We had a great time, but one thing that stood out was that I remember thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to get drunk enough to fun with these guys.  I snuck into the clubhouse a few times in order to order some “double” whiskeys or jagermeisters.  This is crazy behaviour I know, but it seemed necessary at the time.  By the end of the tournament I was feeling pretty good, not wrecked, but on my way.  They had one of those raffles that you buy an arms length of tickets for a sum of money and you get to decide what bucket to put the tickets in.  Each bucket corresponds to a desired prize.  OF COURSE they had a few prizes that were several hundred dollars worth of liquor bottles.  OF COURSE I went and dumped all of my many tickets into those buckets.  At the appointed time of the draw I was excited thinking that I had a good chance to win a bunch of free booze (the fact that I had spent 60 or 80 bucks on the tickets was lost on me at the time).  The draw happens …… OF COURSE the ONE guy in the room that DOES NOT DRINK wins the big liquor prize……

Looking back on it now I find this hilarious.  I think the universe protected me from myself that day.  I can only imagine what would have happened if I had brought a prize like that home.

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