Once again I have let her mood affect me.  She has been very off for a few days now.  I am trying to give her space to work it out, but the care taking side of me wants to try to fix things.  I know that I cannot do anything to change how she is reacting to life, I can’t change how she feels.  Where I am struggling is that I am just getting exhausted by this.  I am pretty much daily thinking about how much easier my life would be if I could jsut have my own place.  A space I get to set up and it’s just mine.  I could do what i want, I would not have to be beholden to anyone’s whims or wishes.  The tiring part is just pretending like everything is ok.  That we can get through this.  The counselling thing is making a tiny bit of progress.  But is it enough?  I have my doubts.

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