Another week

Holy shit, it’s fucking Friday again.  I am more and more amazed at how fast time seems to go when I’m working my program.  My program includes lots of meetings, group service, reading, healthy living, and balance.  I gauge my week by attendance at my home group here in Borden.  When I’m working the program it seems like the days just fly by.  I love that part.  I love going to sleep sober, and waking up sober.  Let’s be honest when you are addicted to alcohol it’s not sleeping, it’s passing out.  Waking up after a night of drinking got to be so damn painful.  I remember trying all sorts of remedies to make myself feel better in the mornings.

Dave reached out to me after he basically got kicked out of Renascent.  Apparently, he had a bottle of prescription Seroquel in his possession and the counsellors found it in his room.  He claims that an acquaintance at the sober living house he was in asked him to hold onto it for him.  Or maybe he was planning to use it later, who knows.  He says he forgot it was in his possession when he picked up some clothes that he left at the house before going into treatment.  In a search of the rooms it was found and he was told that he could not stay any longer.  He is allowed back in 3 weeks after the house cycles through with new clients.  They asked him to go stay at a detox for 3 weeks.  This is where he decided that he knows better and that he would not step foot in a detox again.  As I understand it, he has to be in treatment for his addiction or he is going back to jail.  So I guess he is choosing jail over contented sobriety.  Addiction is a terrible thing.  I feel like I need to elaborate on my connection to Dave a little, but I feel like that is a story of its own.

I went to a great speaker meeting last night in Barrie.  At that meeting I ran into a fellow AAer that I have always enjoyed talking to.  He goes by Jake and is a super nice guy.  He is a fellow techie and we always strike up conversations about computers and the such.  He hasn’t been around the rooms for quite a while and I have wondered where he got too.  His pattern is that he disappears when he starts a bender and ends up homeless.  So I figured that’s what happened.  At it was true, except that this time it got so much worse.  He was out in the woods drinking and fell into a fire that he had going I guess.  He was 3rd-degree burns to 20% of his body.  He has been in the hospital for 3 months or more.  He even disappeared from the hospital for awhile and went out.  Again, addiction is really fucking terrible.


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