new challenges

so yesterday I left my office and desk at a position that I have been in for well over 15 years for the last time.  I am starting a new challenging position on Monday.  It’s still in the same field and organization but it’s totally different from anything I have ever done before.  I have had other opportunities in the past but my anxiety would never let me step out of my comfort zone.  We’re in uncharted territory for this kid.  In the past I would have let my anxiety get the better of me.  I would not be able to sleep or eat and simple things in life would seem to be overly important and complicated.  This time however, I am excited!  I am really looking forward to Monday morning and this opportunity.  It will be nice to be in a position that feels important and that has a local manager.  To be able to accomplish something meaningful will be such a refreshing change of pace.  

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